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ITH Roundnuts RMS / RMZ

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The stress-optimized design of ITH Roundnuts RMS and RMZ achieves higher bolt pre-tensioning forces (up to 40% more) than with comparable  DIN hexagon nuts which is confirmed by scientific studies. The design is certified by German Lloyds. ITH RMS / RMZ are built to work with ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders from the range of M24 to M100 (7/8'' to 4''). The ITH Roundnuts are produced in:

  • ITH RMS : ITH round nut hexagon version
  • ITH RMZ: ITH round nut two-flat version

Even customized applications are possible. Both versions are also available in a flat version "ITH RMS / RMZ slim line".

ITH Round nuts can achieve up to 40% higher preloads

  • which allows the designer to reduce the fastener sizes  which saves costs
  • Higher bolt spacing n: The flange diameter can be reduced which saves costs

Certified design

  • by German Lloyds
  • Designed for use with ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders
  • Advandtages

  • Cost reduction 1:

    • In comparison to conventional hexagon nuts, fewer ITH RMS / RMZ nuts can be used by achieving the same pre load force (n hexagon nuts > n ITH RMS / RMZ)

    Cost reduction 2:

    • The ITH RMS / RMZ can be used with the same amount of nuts to achieve a higher pre load force in the bolt connection. The bolt connection can be designed in a more effective way and therefore the material costs are reduced.

    Further advantages:

    1. Higher security
    2. Smaller contact pressure of the bolts
    3. Higher repeatability of the pre load forces by using the ITH bolt tensioning cylinders
    4. Possible reduction of the tightening factor αA
    5. Certified design by the German Lloyd