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ITH Tension Nuts

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Tightening bolted connections with ITH Tension Nuts

Easy subsitution of existing standard nuts

Achieving the required projecting thread

Using the hydraulic tensioning method (using ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders), a certain projecting thread above the nut is requiredIf this projecting thread is not available the ITH Tension Nuts extend the thread to its required length . Existing bolts do not have to be replaced.When retrofitting bolt connections to hydraulic tensioning


Three main components, based on the differntial thread principle


High temperature areas Foundation bolts (anchor rods)

can easily be retrofitted to hydraulic tensioning

Tension nuts for Wind tower application

The ITH Tension Nut consists of 3 main components:

1. Tensioning sleevePressure sleeve

2. can be hexagon, two-flat design or with radial bored holes

3. Pressure disk

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Function and design

The method by which the three-part patented ITH Tension Nut works is based on the principle of a differential thread . A special threaded sleeve (tensioning sleeve) which is bolted onto the bolt transmits the axial pre-tensioning force from the bolt via the sleeve to the pressure disk and then to the flange.

This causes axial stretching of the boltwhich means that no additional torsion or other stresses can occur in the bolt. This causes purely axial stretching of the bolt . The pressure sleeve is then turned into position by a gear wheel block on the Bolt Tensioning Cylinder or by an adjusting stick.

During the process no bending or torsion effects are applied on the bolt.