1. External electric motor
  2. Multi ribbed oil tank
    for optimal heat exchange
  3. Pressure adjusting valve
    for control of the max pressure setting
  4. High pressure couplings
  5. High pressure gauge
    with protective rubber cover and multiple colored pressure scales (0 – 1000 bar).
  6. Strong aluminum frame
  7. Cycle counter
  8. Oil level sight glass 
    behind the frame
  9. Remote control
    Simple and quick one man operation by using the standard remote control (10m)



DA 11

Order no.



All ITH single-hose hydraulic torque wrenches

Max. hydraulic operating pressure

950 bar

Dimensions(L x W x H)

490 x 300 x 380 mm


32,0 kg (29,5 kg without oil)

Available motor data and specifications

Available voltages

90-110 V, 110 V, 190 - 230 V, 230 V, 380 - 420 V, 400 V, 480 V


1 or 3 phases


50 Hz, 50 + 60 Hz, 60 Hz

We reserve the right to make technical modifications and changes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for custom designs.

Electric pump

  • for series manufacturing, high bolting cycles
  • External motor

Easy one-man operation

  • by remote control
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