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Thang Cách Điện Dạng Trượt Sợi Thủy Tinh Werner 20ft (Fiberglass Extension Ladder 20ft)

9.500.000VNĐ Vui lòng gọi

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Thang Cách Điện Sợi Thủy Tinh Werner Series D6200-2 Dạng Trượt (Fiberglass Extension Ladder D6200-2 Series) - Thang Cách Điện Dạng Trượt Sợi Thủy Tinh Werner 20ft (Fiberglass Extension Ladder 20ft)


This 2-section fiberglass extension ladder has nonconductive rails, making it ideal for working near electricity. The D-rungs are slip resistant and the molded end caps are mar resistant. The dual-action feet are for use on hard or penetrable surfaces and swivel easily. The base section can be used as a single ladder, and the base and fly sections separate easily. Interlocking side rails with internal rail guides on the bottom of the fly section securely connect the rails. The fly section rails are prepierced at the top for easy field installation of accessories. The heavy-duty extruded rung locks are spring loaded to operate smoothly. The durable rail shield bracket and shoe help protect the bottom of the rail. The pulley works with a polypropylene rope.

  • ItemExtension Ladder
  • MaterialFiberglass
  • Industry Ladder Size24 ft.
  • Extended Ladder Height21 ft.
  • ANSI TypeIA
  • Load Capacity300 lb.
  • Adjustable Increments12"
  • Bottom Width19"
  • SeriesD6200-2
  • Rail TypeNon Conductive
  • Shoe DesignDual Action Shu-Lok(R)
  • IncludesMar Resistant End Caps
  • Rung ShapeD-Rung
  • Closed Height12 ft.
  • Section Length12 ft.